SIG SAUER®'s Custom Shop Goes Platinum

Published Date: 8/4/2008
SIG SAUER’S CUSTOM SHOP GOES PLATINUM SIG SAUER launches new Platinum Elite™ Series pistols Exeter, New Hampshire – February 2, 2008 - SIG SAUER, a world leader and manufacturer of firearms for law enforcement, military, government, and civilian markets today introduced the new Platinum Elite Series pistols: P220®, P226®, P229®, and 1911 models. SIG SAUER’s engineers and Custom Shop has found a way to improve and refine the world’s best pistol by adding enhanced ergonomics and new features. The Platinum Elite Series pistols are equipped with custom aluminum grips. The slide finish is a natural stainless steel with ground slide flats. The ergonomically designed beavertailed frame allows the shooter to grip the pistol as high as possible without worrying about slide bite. This feature also ensures a confident grip from the holster even under stressful conditions. The P220, P226, and P229 Platinum Elite Series models feature SIG SAUER’s SRT™ trigger system. The SRT (Short Reset Trigger) was designed to reduce the reset point of the trigger by over 60% resulting in faster trigger return and surgical control during high speed shooting. Other features common to the P Series Platinum Elite pistols are the SIGLITE® Adjustable Combat Night Sights for day or low light precision target acquisition. The alloy frame is finished in a black hard coat anodize. The integrated accessory rails provide versatility for SIGLITE Tactical Lights as well as other various sighting and lighting devices. Rounding out the Platinum Elite models, SIG SAUER has customized two of their award winning lines of 1911’s. The 1911 Platinum Elite and Platinum Elite Carry are fitted with adjustable combat night sights for precision shooting under day and low light conditions. Both feature a Nitron® finished frame. Machined to exacting tolerances and hand-fit for reliability and performance, these Custom Shop pistols not only look good but are built with durability and accuracy in mind. Only premium internal components that include a match-grade barrel, hammer/sear set and trigger go into these Single Action Only masterpieces.