SIG SAUER® Academy™ Expands Training Courses With Its 2008 Calendar Line Up

Published Date: 8/4/2008
SIG SAUER® ACADEMY™ EXPANDS TRAINING COURSES WITH ITS 2008 CALENDAR LINE UP Epping, New Hampshire – February 2, 2008 - Whether you are a beginner or a highly trained shooter, SIG SAUER Academy has designed a variety of courses for all skill levels. Beyond the highly acclaimed tactical and practical training courses that the SIG SAUER Academy already teaches, it has increased its offerings to include several additional specialized training courses. The Academy is also expanding its offerings to include an evening version of their Handgun Orientation and Basic Practical Handgun Skills (Handgun 101 and 102 respectively) courses. These courses are ideal for the new gun owner or those interested in learning to shoot. Handgun 101 may also fulfill requirements of states and jurisdictions for obtaining various resident and non-resident handgun permits. Night courses can be completed on two consecutive evenings during the week. Going beyond the basics, SIG SAUER Academy has also expanded its intermediate courses with the following classes: Arctic Tune Up Match – Get tuned-up for the Winter Nationals at the Arctic Tune-Up Match at the SIG SAUER Academy on Sat. Jan 26. This 3 stage match will be a 110 round count mix of steel and scenarios. Two outdoor stages and one indoor stage are guaranteed to get the blood flowing. Extreme Cold Weather Survival Skills– A follow-up to our own Survival Fundamentals – this course takes the skills and priorities introduced and re-enforced in Survival Fundamentals to a new level of application. Each of the five priorities of survival will be revisited in depth as they are applied in the extreme cold environment. Back-up Gun Operator – Backup guns (BUGS) are abundant, both in the Armed Professional community and amongst responsible citizens. More often than not, in both communities, the BUG becomes the only concealed weapon available when weather, clothing, or circumstances dictate. This intensive course offers a blended mix of classroom and range learning modules that take the student through weapon selection, concealment and carry options, presentation techniques, and marksmanship skills. Revolver Skill Drills - Carried by thousands of law enforcement officers nation-wide as either a duty weapon, back-up gun, or off duty carry option, the revolver is a potent, viable self defense tool. This 4 hour course will teach students selection, handling, presentation, marksmanship, maintenance, reloading, malfunction drills and more. For the armed professional or instructor, the following courses have been added: Active Shooter Response – Designed for the First Responder, this intensive 2 day course will take the operator through the tactics to find, identify, isolate, and neutralize the threat. Classroom, live fire, and scenario based force-on-force modules will reinforce and validate the tactics and skill set needed to quickly and successfully save lives and prevail. SIG SAUER Master Firearms Trainer Certification - The SIG Principle of Small Arms Training is world renowned for its remarkable success, lack of convention, and utter simplicity. Simple Is Good. The Master Firearms Trainer Certification is designed for the Agency PFI, teaching Administrator, or Senior Instructor committed to the effectiveness of his or her program and instructors. Blending over 30 years of high-level competitive, law enforcement, and military special program training into a concise philosophical and practical application for today’s armed professional, the Master Trainer Certification course will allow the instructor to analyze their current curriculum and practices in order to maximize efficiency and success. Students who cannot find a class scheduled in their area should contact their local gun shop and ask their dealer to hold a SIG SAUER Academy course at their facility. For further details on classes or to register, visit or call (603) 679-2003. For further details on classes or to register, visit or call us at (603) 679-2003.