SIG SAUER® Introduces SIGLITE™ Tactical Light Series

Published Date: 8/4/2008
SIG SAUER Introduces SIGLITE Tactical Light Series Exeter, New Hampshire – January 16, 2008 – SIG SAUER today introduced the latest in tactical lights. Available in 4 different models, STL-100C, STL-100, STL-300J, and STL-900L, the SIGLITE tactical lights were designed to carry on your person, or mount to a weapon accessory rail or rifle vertical grip. The STL-100C Mini Tac Light is a 4” long, .8” diameter light designed to attach to the included weapons mount adapter or for personal carry. It uses a single AA battery (for 8 hour burn time) and features a 100 lumen LED with a 3 position switch (Momentary, Steady On / Off). It has a waterproof all aluminum machined housing with an aluminum weapons accessory rail mount. Each STL-100C Mini Tac Light includes a carry pouch, lanyard, pocket clip & batteries. The STL-100 Tac Light is a full-size flashlight with a 1” diameter and 6” length. It uses two CR123 batteries and features a bright 100 lumen center LED for high intensity lighting as well as a 30 lumen three LED ring for soft area lighting. The flashlight uses a 3 position switch (Momentary, Steady On / Off). This flashlight is designed to attach to the Grip-LiteTM Vertical Grip for rifle mounting or used alone for personal carry. The STL-300J Joint Defense Light is designed to operate as a standalone flashlight as well as attach to an accessory rail or double as a rifle vertical grip. It features a strobe function which acts as a personal defense tool by disorienting the assailant. The light also features a powered hot shoe that provides growth for add-on accessories, such as a laser aiming module or digital camera. The STL-300J uses four CR123 batteries and features a 300 lumen LED with a 4 position switch (Momentary, Steady On / Off, and Strobe). The STL-900L Weapons Light is designed to mount to a weapon accessory rail. Its compact size and durable light weight aluminum body ensure high performance on any weapons platform. The STL-900L features an integrated laser aiming module for quick target acquisition. The STL-900L uses two AA batteries and features a 300 lumen LED.