SIG SAUER® SIG716™ Rifle Now in Production

Published Date: 1/14/2011
EXETER, NH (January 2011) — SIG SAUER, Inc., the leading manufacturer of commercial, law enforcement and military firearms, has begun commercial production of the SIG716™ line of rifles, chambered for the powerful 7.62mm NATO round.

Combining the reliability and ergonomics of the SIG516™ series rifle with the more powerful 7.62mm cartridge, the SIG716 features a short-stroke pushrod gas system. This advanced operating system reduces carbon fouling, excessive heat and unburned powder in the action, ensuring reliability and function that is unmatched.

The SIG716 accepts SR25 and Magpul® PMAG® magazines. These magazines have proven exceptionally reliable and are readily available. Additionally, the SIG716 comes standard with Magpul’s ACS® stock and MIAD® grip for the ultimate in ergonomic adaptability. The bore and chamber are chrome lined for exceptional durability over many rounds of shooting.

The SIG716 CQB (Close Quarter Battle) features a 12.5” barrel and an overall collapsed length of 31”. Like the CQB, the 14.5” SIG716 Carbine and 16” SIG716 Patrol Rifle feature a mil-spec trigger and 6-groove rifling contained in the standard barrel profile. The SIG716 Precision Marksman comes with a 20” heavy HBAR barrel and a two-stage match trigger.

All SIG716 rifles have an adjustable gas valve that can be opened to increase gas flow when ammunition or adverse environmental conditions require additional cycling energy. Gas flow can also be reduced or shut-off for use with suppressors. All barrels are threaded 5/8x24 TPI to accept most popular flash suppressor and sound suppressor mounts, and come with an A2-style flash hider installed.

A free-floating, aluminum, M1913 quad rail provides quick mounting for lights, grips, lasers and other accessories. Additionally, the ambidextrous controls round out the ergonomic features of the SIG716.

For more information and spec sheet, download the pdf document.