SIG Service Plan

The best way to protect your used pistol!

SIG SAUER® now offers a special service for used SIG SAUER pistols called the SIG Service Plan (SSP). When you buy a used pistol, whether it's from a shooting buddy, a retail store or at a gun show, contact SIG SAUER Customer Service for shipping instructions. Then, ship your pistol to the factory for a complete cleaning and our “full service package” for just $144.95. This special offer includes installation of new SIGLITE® Night Sights* – a $120 value. Our expert armorers will inspect your pistol top to bottom. Should your pistol show signs of misuse or damage caused by a previous owner, SIG SAUER's armorers will advise you and offer cost-effective solutions to repair your pistol. The SIG Service Plan includes*:

  • Full disassembly of pistols down to frame and slide
  • Complete detailed cleaning
  • Expert factory inspection of all critical components
  • Replacement of springs (recoil, slide catch lever, trigger bar, decocking lever)
  • Reassembly and lubrication to factory specifications
  • Installation of SIGLITE® Factory Night Sights (excluding P232®)
  • Function test

This service, valued at $225, is yours for just $144.95 and brings your used SIG SAUER® pistol back to peak operational readiness.

Contact the SIG SAUER® Customer Service Dept. for further information and shipping instructions:
Phone: (603) 772- 2302 (press #3 for customer Service)

* The SIG Service Plan (SSP) does not cover:

  1. Accessories or attachments, non-functional parts, and cosmetic wear
  2. Repair of any gun that is damaged or malfunctioning as a result of operator or owner negligence such as failure to maintain the pistol in accordance with the owner’s manual, accidental damage, abuse, vandalism, theft, rust, or corrosion
  3. Service require as a result of alteration or repairs not performed by SIG SAUER Inc.
  4. Shipping costs for receipt or return of the pistol
  5. Free SIGLITE® Night Sights installation does not include Mosquito, 1911-22, P232® or P230 models