Product Alerts

ROMEO1 Battery Cap Installation

Under certain conditions, the ROMEO1 sight may appear to have a faulty illumination circuit.  The symptoms of this condition can appear in two ways: the sight will fail to illuminate when the sight is initially turned on (pressing the “UP” or “DOWN” Power Selector Button for 2 seconds); or, the sight will lose power (red dot will no longer be visible) during use.

This condition is caused by the battery cap not being fully tightened.  To ensure proper function of the ROMEO1 sight, the battery cap should be tightened completely (to the stop, full thread engagement). Proper installation of the battery cap requires approximately 5-10 in/lbs of force (hand-tight with a screwdriver).

Proper installation of the battery cap assures proper contact between the battery contact and the battery during firing and also ensures the o-ring seals the unit from moisture intrusion.
If you note the above condition, verify the battery cap is fully tightened before contacting Customer Service for assistance.


While the SIG556xi Russian was designed to work with US Palm AK30 (SIG) Magazines, recent consumer demand has us evaluating a new lower design that would be compatible with the standard US Palm AK30 and Arsenal Inc. Circle 10 M-47W. 

The SIG556xi Russian is currently compatible with MOST AK-47 magazines, including, but not limited to:

• TAPCO® 30, 20 & 10 Round AK-47
• US Palm AK30 (SIG) PN: AK30i-BLK-SIG
• Magpul PMAG® 30 AK/AKM MOE®
• Russian Izhmash Steel Magazine
• Bulgarian Polymer Magazine

Interactive Armorers CD - Known Compatibility Issues

The Interactive Armorers CDs for the SIG SAUER Classic series pistols (220, 226, 229, 239) and P250 are designed to be compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7. Internet Explorer 7 is included with Microsoft Windows versions through XP.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 have been upgraded to Internet Explorer Version 8.

The Interactive Armorers CDs do not provide support for Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 8.

Know compatibility issues include the following:

• Inability to select menu items within the web browser
• Inability bring images in the browser window to their full size.

Customers who are experiencing difficulties running the Interactive Armorers programs under Windows Vista, Windows 7; or who have upgraded their web browser to Internet Explorer 8; can try the following:

Click here for full instructions in PDF format


P238 Product Alert


P238 Product Alert – Reassembly


During reassembly of the pistol, the operator is required to depress the ejector when installing the slide onto the frame. This step is shown as item 4 on page 42 of the P238 Operators Manual: “4. Guide the slide assembly onto the frame rails from the front until the barrel lug is aligned with slide stop pin hole in frame and partially insert slide stop pin.


note: depress the ejector “A” to clear slide.* The ejector should be depressed only far enough to provide clearance for the slide during assembly. Depressing the ejector beyond the point required for reassembly may cause the ejector to bind in the frame. Should this occur, the ejector will not return to the normal position. This condition is not correctable at the operator level - the pistol will have to be returned to SIG SAUER for repair.


CAUTION: OVER EXTENTION OF THE EJECTOR DURING ASSEMBLY MAY CAUSE THE EJECTOR TO BIND, PREVENTING SHELL CASINGS TO EJECT DURING FIRING. Should you have questions relating to this Product Alert or need to return your pistol for repair, please contact Customer Service at (603) 772-2302.


Download this Alert here.




The initial version of the Operators Manual for the P238 Trigger Guard Laser has an error. The error centers around battery installation. The manual incorrectly identifies battery polarity when installing the battery. The image is correct, the labeling is incorrect. 


The correct polarity should be - facing UP, + facing DOWN. The laser battery cavity is correctly marked. If the battery is installed incorrectly, the laser will not illuminate - reversing the battery should correct this condition. Incorrect installation will not cause damage to the unit and does not pose a safety hazard. The original Owners Manual with incorrect information is labeled REV 1.0  The corrected Owners Manual is labeled REV 2.0 The Revision Number is located on the 2nd page at the bottom. The current Operators Manual is available for download - click here.


We apologize for any confusion this has caused.  Should you need additional assistance, please contact our Customer Service Department at (603) 772-2302


Notice: The P250 Compact grip module (grip plastic) for 9mm / .40S&W / .357SIG has changed to match other P250 grips (Compact .45 and all Full Size calibers). Design changes include the following:


- The accessory rail is changed from the curved style to a flat M1913 Picatinny style


- The grip texture features more aggressive stippling, and replaces the ridged texture featured on the front and back strap areas. This change took effect for new production in November 2009. The original grip style will no longer be available. This change impacts two accessory items




- The two grip types use different magazines 

- The two magazines are NOT interchangeable.

- SIG SAUER will make both magazine types available to accommodate customer requirements.




The original P250 Compact paddle retention holster will ONLY fit the original (curved rail) grip. The new M1913 accessory rail models will not fit this holster.


Two new holster models, one for P250 Full Size (all calibers) and one for P250 Compact (all calibers), are near completion and will be listed as soon as they are available. Downloadable information, with detailed images showing the differences between grips, are shown below. Please familiarize yourself with this information before ordering magazines or holsters for the P250 Compact (9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG) to ensure you select the right accessories for your pistol.


Download additional information below.

P250 Compact Holster Change


P250 Compact Grip Change